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holy c'moly I need an ID! from my favorite place!

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Friday nights, vinyl...

samples of a girl might be a guy, havent heard this song in a month or so though

could swear they are sayin

Werrrrrrrrrrk! Trust me! Werrrrrrrrrrrrk! Trust me! Werrrrrrrrrrr! Trust me!

i dunno, always thought about hte song, started bothering me today, cause i want it damn it!

please help :)

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i think there was a thread on this on dtourism.com, so check that. the contenders were smokin Jo "tribal badman" (if it is sorta jamaican) and some a capella that i forget (if its more robotic). unless you mean MAw "work" (if it sounds really carribean). Could be a lot of things basically. More info needed.

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