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burning Question??please help

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Guest saleen351
Originally posted by chris817

say you have a track that's 5 mins long but i only want the last 3 mins of thesong burned is this possible?

if so how do you go about doing it??


well, go to www.download.com and get a track splitter... I use a no name one off of there that works great ... then you spilt it and burn

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You dont need any fancy software like Soundforge or cooledit

use Nero as Tommy- C mentioned,

Nero burning software is available for Trial download at www.nero.com

install the software

it has a wizard to help you get started

but once you have the song drag it into the open window, right click on it

then hit the splits/index tab.

the song in wav formate should show up, once it comes up it also has time frames. select a particular time frame and hit the split button. Viola its spit. its a fairly simple procedure once you have done it a few times and it is significantly faster becuase you can split and burn all it one. hope this helps.


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thats probably much easier by far. when you open up the right side window with all the songs, you must hit the copy dialog box in the menu above. then click audio cd on the left side. a prompt will appear, click new. then click and drag the song from the right, over to the left window that is empty. click edit, let it load up for a second or two. then click the time frame you wish to copy. save that, then rename it so it is easy to find when you are ready to burn it.

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