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How cool would it be if you could make..

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they do have that....honest

they make a cool (as in not burning) latex mold of your tackle, then mold it out of plastic or whatever...same as they do for casting peoples faces for waxworks and stuff...

you better hope you had some hot chick making the cast if you want to be recorded to maximum advantage though...

imagine some haggardy scarey dude brushing latex on you.

..shrivel and indeed myeeew....

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Originally posted by psychojo

yep...johnny utahs moldings have been mass produced and are used extensively as golf tees and tooth picks...

ya know i'm just kidding!!

Golf tees and toothpicks??!! Come on now! Those things have to actually be somewhat sturdy. Try dental floss and sewing thread! I have real problems.

BTW, yes this type of thing does actually exist. They even make pussy molds (sorry for using 'pussy' and 'mold' so close to each other). Saw it on Real Sex as well as internet ads...;) ;)

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