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It's Friday Mo Fo's

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Where the hell is everyone!?!?

I've been psyched for Ali @ Rise for a few weeks now, and I'm going to be ready to cut the hell loose tonight!! Who's coming with me?? :tongue::cool:

Are you guys going straight from Avalon to Rise?? Is anyone not going to Avalon? Will any of you have cell phones on you tonight?

Drew, I'll call you when I get in tonight.... I'm guessing that's going to be around 1:30 - 2ish.. who knows. I'm desperately trying to get an earlier flight, but it ain't happening.

I'll see most of you tonight.... be ready ;)

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hye brian whassup. this board (cp in general) has just been pretty boring lately. so i finally remembered my screen name on the avalon msg board (after weeks of attempts, lol i requested them to send me login and screen name but they never did :( )

twoam2early = nysi4meatheads??? right. haha if thtas you i could tell by your posts...

bittersweet to see Timo Maas is booked at Avalon next month (one of my fave djs!) but...

a) i promised myself i would not go back to boston until 4rth of July

B) i have a wedding in f'ng buffalo that weekend so i can't go anyways :(

goddammit. :mad:

was laughing at the post by "louie devito is the best dj to play at avalon" post. i think i fell out of my chair laughing. i hit reply to ask ARE YOU KIDDING ME! but i decided to be nice and just moved on....

which brings me to a funny story: my friends (boston) were all raving about this great new cd the weekend i last came back. i was like oh yeah? waht is it? its DANCE FACTORY the new louie devito cd!

:eek::laugh: :laugh: i was like oh yeah? (going omigod im surrounded by cheese)

btw good review teamj5 on that night!

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