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!?!?! * The Best SEX EvEr * !?!?!

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Brazilians DO IT Best !!!

This morning I managed to tackle a 3 hour sexsession, with the one of hottest woman I have ever laid eyes on. :eek:

I never ever though I would find a woman who could keep up with my stamina, let alone wear me out!

I have happily met my match :o) ..... now I have to find a way to keep her :o(

She is Brazilian so her eyes and lips drip with passion and with a voice so sexy I almost came when she whispered in my ear

She's @ 5' 11" w/ a shape like an hourglass. Her Ass so firm you could bounce a quarter on it!

Thighs so smooth and toned, she could have put any lingerie model to shame.

With firm perky and ALL NATURAL breast that would make a blind man salivate from touching.

She is approx 36x22x38... and not an ounce of fat...

Just to confirm that she was REAL and not fake I found three small stretch marks on the upper side of each hip...

That only made me want her more!

We woke shortly before 9 am and I could not stop staring at her body....

The only thing I can relate to this feeling is like wakening up and finding a Lamborghini / NSX parked in your driveway and keys are in you hand.

With that in mind I began to polish her body, with my tongue.

I took my hands and began to shift gears, first slow, then fast, and then slow again.

The suddenly she abruptly put her hands into my boxers and to her surprise...

She found well more than two hands full of throbbing cock. (I'm a rather small guy so she was happily surprised)

As I placed more of my magic fingers deep inside her tight sweet pussy,

Finally she could take no more and ripped off my shorts and put a condom on my hard cock by using her mouth

* I've never had a blowjob with a condom on and I've never been given a better one!

Finally I could take no more and slammed her tight pussy on top of my large penis.

While lying on my back .... Instantly she began gyrating, and doing gymnastic style maneuvers all over my dick...

I almost came too soon! ( it would have been a world record if I came within 30 min.)

but every 30 min we would change positions and :hump: every hour of the duration I felt a wonderful flood of juice spill over my dick.

First she was on top then I was behind... then she sat on me while sitting in a chair.

The constant moaning and screaming in a foreign language kept me hard for hours....

Finally while using a Karma Sutra position her body was folded up, and both she and her vagina were shaped like a heart.

(The image will be etched in my mind forever)

That's when I broke down and came.... It was either that or I would cry from JOY!

Never have I felt so in synch with someone I normally would consider a stranger....

We only knew each other for a few days (Remember I don't believe in Casual Sex).

But this was something different... I could see her soul through her eyes and se could see the same in me.

But she is so beautiful, and I don't think she really believes how deeply I feel because she sees all these other women who want me.

She has NO Idea of how monogamous I am...

Most of all,

I can't believe I have fallen in Love..... and I know its love and not lust

:love: Love is different from lust because after the event I still wanted her....

I could only dream to wake up next to this Brazilian Beauty Queen for the rest of my life....

Hopefully I will have more to write about soon

Muito Biscoito!

DDTW 2002 (tour)

El Lado B

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