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Ali Ajami rocks!!

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Ali Ajami is awesome...... anyone else there?? i kow some of you were there... teamj5 and me stayed till the end .. he played some sick stuff ... i was sitting down and had to get up when he dropped this amazing song.. sorry i can't tell you what it was.. i'm the worst trainsptter on the planet...

great night! i look forward to more ali!!

ps.. hey kaydup.. were you out?? 'cause i didn't see ya anywhere...

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Nope my drunk ass missed it. Meg and I went to Axis early and caught all of Ali's set there. If you were there early you got to see me try and do the lights through his whole set:D But, we got REAL drunk and we headed back and started to make food, continue drinking and change and head to Rise. Carelli called and I was like yeah yeah I am coming, but I didn't make it. God damn alcohol there was no paceing on Friday at all!! So my ass missed it:(

How was his set? I am sure it was sick, because he was throwing down some good beats at Axis

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