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Piercings and other odd objects....

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I just wanted to start a thread because, damn I am bored. Also, I wanted to show off a little and tell everyone about my new piercing, well I've had my belly button done for quite sometime, and have my tragus pierced for a while (seen in pic as small earring in front of ear). Well when I was in NY 3 weeks ago I got my Daith pierced, seen in the attached pic as the larger earring in middle of ear. This is not my ear, but a pic that looks exactly like mine (don't want to take credit for someone elses ear). Just wanted to share and to see what everyone else has for piercings and tattoos. BTW I have three really cute tattoos too! Everyone tell me about yours...;)

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no piercings to discuss but i have four tattoos...

right arm: mountains, sun, and hawk in flight with a broken arrow in his talons

left arm: native american, wolf, and full moon (wolf lies over native american with eyes of the same color)

inside bottom lip and one other spot: will show you if you ask me in person

i want one more and then i'm done...proll. on the back of my neck...

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