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stains are hard to get out of velvet

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... but i wouldn't mind getting various bodily fluids on my dark green velvet comforter anyway. i am feeling ... needy.

i want to take a long hot bath (candlelight, lotsa bubbles... something nice to sip) and to then experience

-a soft, long kiss of exquisite tenderness

-gentle nibbles and licks on the neck and shoulders

-a caress that glides slowly across my collarbone and down over my nipples, desirous but not wanton

-a long moment sharing a wide-eyed gaze with my lover

-10000 orgasms

i may have skipped some stuff, but the important part is there. hehehe.

but really, i'm in a wistfully romantic mood and aaaaaaaaaaaaaall by myself. maybe i should write some poetry.

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