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da Pet Shop Boys.....

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Ugh, now that I finally feel 100% from my DC weekend extravaganza....I can give my own little review:....

Well we started out with some sushi and many many drinks @ Dragonfly and rushed back to the hotel room to change....left for the show @ 8:30pm.....my good friend who wasn't going offered to take us there and damn him for being a stubborn guy that "knew" where he was going :rolleyes:....we didn't get there until 9:30pm and that's after we finally jumped out and hopped into a cab!! I know he meant well but ARgh!!!

But anyways.....the show sold out and the main room was jam-packed.....we couldn't find a decent spot anywhere at this point....I was pretty annoyed with the fact that I couldnt see over anyone and the volume was way too low in my opinion. Though the vibe was very fun & festive. They sounded pretty good from what I remember but they could have definitely added more "ooooomph" to their sound. After hearing "What have I done to deserve this" and "West End Girls", I decided to wander off....

Now this was a bit of a blur as I was quite :drunk: & po'd @ my girl.....(I guess that's what happens when you drink so much so quickly so early on!).......but an hour or so later, I find her all :goofy: ....and once we both sobered up a bit it was allllll GOOD. :grin3::love:

Here on out it was an incredibly good time - great mix of ppl, great vibe, fun music, saw lots of old friends from Richmond, and met plenty of interesting, cool ppl. We were upstairs in the main room for a while, but once we both went back into the front room there was no going back! The music was so much more deep, housey, and soulful - definitely more my style. So we were here for most of the remainder of the evening shaking our booties....Anyone know who was spinning in the front room?

All in all a fantastic evening......now was the PSB worth $40? I don't think so....I don't think Nation is conducive to having shows like that like let's say the 930 club or the Norva. Was VN fun? Yes. Was the entire evening worth the $40 admission - DEFINITELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you that were there - my girl was in a black leather top, skirt, fishnets and a rainbow-colored wig and I on the other hand - asian girl w/short hair, black sleeveless top, skirt and dancing my bootie off.....

Hope everyone had a great time as well and a better PSB experience/viewing than I.....can't wait for my next DC trip tho.

-YG ;)

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looks like you had a good time. candeo said he was going. i called TM on Friday nd they told me it was sold out, later I found out that someone had gottne tix on TM later that same day.

Well, spent Saturday night unpacking and listening to PSB cd's and tapes.

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