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The real threat

(The Iranian nuclear reactors -- the upper dome nearly complete -- at Bushehr, Iran)

You, George Bush, are not doing the minimum that must be done to save millions of Americans from a violent death.

The bare minimum action that must be taken includes:

1. The immediate destruction of Iran's nuclear reactor, laboratories and factories, which are close to developing nuclear bombs. Iran, not Iraq, is the big threat now and George Bush knows it. But he ignores the grave Iranian peril. He cares only about saving his father's reputation, which has suffered ever since Bush Sr. failed to get rid of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein by finishing the job in the Persian Gulf War. The Bush family reputation is more important to the leader of the free world than the horrendous threat of Iranian nuclear terrorism.

2. A crash program for U.S. energy independence through the use of clean coal, shale, nuclear power and oil drilling. If George Bush truly made this his priority, and explained why it is vital to our national security and survival, this nation would be well on its way to ending the oil imports that finance the development of Muslim terrorist weapons of mass destruction.

3. An end to all foreign aid. Foreign aid helps America's enemies. Even the small percentage of foreign aid that is given to real friends like Israel only causes dependence and is harmful in every respect.

4. An end to the amoral double standard being applied to little Israel in her noble struggle to survive. No more pressure on Israel not to defend herself. Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District are G-d-given Jewish Biblical lands that are an integral and eternal part of Israel. Calling for the creation of a PLO terrorist state in Israel's heartland is calling for the destruction of the Jewish nation. G-d will punish America if this anti-Israel policy continues in defiance of what He commands in the Bible.

Unless these four minimum actions are taken, America will face a holocaust in which millions will perish in an attack by Muslim terrorists using weapons of mass destruction.

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