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~An oldie but good...FrEaK TeSt? Are you one?~

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HAVE YOU EVER : (Keep track of your pts.)

1. Had sex? (5 points)

2. Given oral sex? (5 pts)

To orgasm? (5pts)

Received oral sex (5 pts)

To orgasm? (5 pts)

3. Swallowed Cum? (5pts)

4. Practice bondage, or Sado-masichistic behavior? (5 pts)

5. Had anal sex (5pts)

To orgasm? (5 pts)

6. Had sex with someone of the same sex? (10 pts)

7. Had sex with more than one person at a time? (10pts)

8. Had sex with more than one person in a week? (7pts)

9. Used sex toys? (7 pts)

10. Bought a dirty magazine? (3 pts)

11. Watch a porno movie? (3 pts)

12. Been in a 69? (3 pts)

13. Had phone sex? (5 pts)

14. Masturbated? (5pts.)

In a public place? (5pts)

15. Had sex in a public place? (5 pts)

Park? (1pt)

Subway (3 pts)

Alley Way? (2 pts)

Train or Bus Station? (3 pts)

Public Bathroom? (3pts)

16. Gotten carpet burns? (3 pts.)

17. Participated in an orgy? (10 pts)

18. Watched someone having sex? (7 pts.)

19. Had sex with others watching you? (7 pts.)

20. Sucked or licked your own :

Females- Breast or pussy? (12 Pts)

Males-Dick? (12 Pts)

21. Paid for sex? (8pts)

22. Been paid for sex? (8pts)

23. Had a one night stand? (8 pts)

24. Pass out during sex? (5 pts)

25. Had an STD? (8 pts)

26. Had sex without contraceptives? (6 pts)

27. Had sex anyplace other than the bedroom? (3pts ea)

Ladies extra credit: (be honest)

28. Got a facial (cum in your face)and liked it?(15pts)

Men extra credit: (be honest)

29. Has a woman sat on your face? (10pts)to orgasm? (5pts)

30. Have you ever had a snow ball? (7pts)

31. Have you ever been video taped? (8pts)

32. How many positions have you been in? (1 pt ea)

33. Had sex for more than 4 hrs without stopping? (4pts)

34. Have you ever had your salad tossed? (5pts)

35. Ever had sex with a relative? (10 pts, 5 if you didn't know that person was related to you)

36. Ever cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend? (5pts)

End up liking them better? (9pts)

37.Are you horny now? (3pts)


1-35: How Does it look up there with the angels?

36-70: Bare minimum. Go join a sex-ed class.

71-105: Ok, you're just on the outskirts of being a freak.

106-140: Welcome to the land of the FREAKS!

141-175: You are a BONAFIDE FREAK!!!

176-210: You are the Dean of Freak College..

211 up: You have reached middle age (35 up)

Yeah Im bored at work:tongue:

Oh and I got a 141...I am a bonafide freak! :licker::whip2:

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195 without counting questions 27 or 32. With those, probably somewhere in the low to mid 400's, I'm just too lazy to think of all the non-bedroom places I've had sex and all the positions I've tried. Each is probably around the hundreds.....

Oh, and I'd be 210 if I could take the ladies extra credit :D

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nearly a dean of freak college, but not quite.

wow, i feel so.. validated. don't you, hoke? it feels so good to know that we (as individuals of course ;)) have had sex in such various positions as the "upsidedown apple turnovercake position with raised left pinky" and your favorite, "wheelbarrow swinging from a vine over a lake in the winter while kissing a swan."

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