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I am visiting London next week and was wondering what the door policy, dress codes were for most major clubs in the city (MoS, Fabric, Turnmills, etc.)? What's the deal with a membership for people visiting from out of the country? Any other suggestions for a club to check out?

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Obviously i don't know what music you like but here's some lineups:-

Ministry of Sound bank holiday sunday 2nd June

Euphoria with Dave Pearce,Scott Project and friends

10pm-6am dress code:colour,flair,attitude & style?????

The [email protected] Friday May 31st

Judge Jules



Darren Christian

Alex Anderson

10:30pm-7:30am dresscode clubwear

[email protected] Friday May 31st

Mauro Picotto

Ricky Effe (live)

Ashley Casselle

10pm-6am dresscode clubwear

[email protected] Saturday 1st June (tech house)

Craig Richards

Jeff Mills

Terry Francis

10-7am dresscode clubwear

You could always make a special effort and go to Homelands which is about an hour from London but don't ask me how to go about doing it.The lineup this year is awesome,it's got most dj's you could think of on it and the uk festivals are the pinnacle of clubbing.If you made the effort it would deffo be worth it and would probably be a "best night ever" experience you would remember forever.Check the link for info


I don't live in London but i have a lot of this months lineups in a magazine so if the lineups i have listed are not to your taste post a message up saying what stuff you are into and i will try to [email protected] has got to be up there,but you might need a ticket cos when he plays at Crasher it's always rammed.

Oh and you won't need to be a member for any of them.

Have fun :) :)

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I'm positive you will have a wikid time,i'm goin to Creamfields in August and Godskitchen Global Gathering in July,I can't wait either.

Make sure of one thing when you go,don't miss Oakie's set.Even if you don't like him,when he comes on and there are 10.000 people in the main arena chanting "Oakie" there is not an atmosphere like it at anything in the world.

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