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montreal-sona may 25th--?

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drove up from nj for the weekend and headed to sona at around 3am. i was told felix the house cat was spinning. i have heard some of his mixes and thought he was ok, nothing more.

in 4 hours i only recognized 2 songs but i don't think i have heard a better set. hours of bouncing in there. it was non stop energy.


1) is felix the resident there

2) anyone there who could give an id to any of the tracks between 3 and 7. i remember hearing funkatron and control freak


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Not resident man.

He was a guest. From what I know it was his first set at Sona.

Yo JY will you have to correct me on that??? Where you at JY?

Anyway man... back to you know till Jy shows up. Can not help you with the tracks. Glad you liked the club though.

How'd you like Montreal?

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every time i thought he was gonna bring it down with trance or at one point get evil. back came that bangin boucing house. (thats what i was calling it anyway, my friend was sayin it was techno??)

friends i was there with wanted to leave at 7, i wanted to stay (and i was the only one not on drugs). but didn't want to fuck up my next day too much.

there was a guy tellin me that if i liked that music i should check out mistress bella or something like that. old resident at sona, new at aria? does she play a similiar style?

will definately be back in montreal. will make it a semi regular vacation spot.


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Ho man! Misstress Barbara is amazing. Not to crazy bout her CD but she has a set that is gonna fuck you up allright. It's not just the music, she really puts on a show. Never seen a DJ interact with the crowd like that. She's in my top 5 in terms of sets to see.

Did'nt cath her gigs since she moved to Aria. That move is a shame but hey! What you gonna do? Not a big fan of the Aria though the venue can be interesting I'd go just to see her anyway. Worth a shot my man... you should enjoy!

check the websites for line-ups.

Later dude

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