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Guest saleen351

The dos and don'ts on oxycotin...

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Guest saleen351

got a hook up..... I get anything I want for free.... I hear not to go near this stuff... whats the deal....

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Wow saleen, a normal question with no attitude... whats the world comming to :)

As for an answer, lots of people use oxy's with no addiction or bad side effects. But the addiction rate is almost the same as heroin, about 50% of casual users. (nicotine is 85% BTW)

Does this mean it is as addictive as heroin? Not neccesarily, it may be that many people got addicted because psychologically they were not looking out for it because they (mistakenly) thought that a legitimate pharam, could not be addictive or as bad as some of the illegal drugs out there.

as for the effects.. some love them, some are indifferent and some hate them.

I will admit that I have never tried them for a couple reasons. First the potential for addiction is too high. I no longer have a invincibility complex and have seen opiates eat up people just as secure as I am, and second because even 3 perocets make me yak my guts out.

I assume you know that oxy's are really the same as percs, just stronger, time release (that can be bypassed by crushing) and w/o all the acetomiacin or asprin (cets or dans)

There some folks with much more knowledge on pharms, including oxy's, who I am sure will chime in.

psychedelics are really more my thing :cool:

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I got 4 80mg oxy's for my bday hehe

and I did em within a week or a little less. Yes they make you feel niiiice and happy and no worry's, so I can see how easy it is to get hooked.

Years ago I used to sniff H, and its more or less the same feeling.

Although I havent touched that in years.

But I'd definitly get oxy's again, although I have to be careful cause I have an addicting personality.:(

Go to erowid.org and they have experiences with people who have done oxy's.

well if you do em let us know how it went:)

sooooooo um, who's ur hookup hehe jk;)

My sister actually work in a pharmacy and ive asked her to take a few but she's scared to get caught lol dammit:mad:

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