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so i've finally recovered. i thought was going to be a less than perfect trip. . . it took some shittiness to plan and get people together, but it worked out. and i'm hella glad i went.

the festival on a whole i don't think was as good as it was hyped up to be, but that probably has somethign to do w/ carol marvin and the whole mess w/o craig. . i really think the city of detroit needs to reconsider. .but anyways, teh vibe was still there.

some organizational problems, which stage/act to go see, and conflicting set times. . .but i was happy.

i can't remember everythign (sigh) but some name dropping (just to make kuro drool :tongue: ) stewart walker. . oh shit, i should say something about this, his style has changed a bit. . . more warmth and depth vs. the stylings i use to group him in (w/kit clayton, monolake, joo know?). . .green velvet. . .kenny dope. . . dj traxx. . .t-1000. . .boo williams :D . . .mike dearborn. . .ack, can't remember all, rob hood. . .there were some out of place djs too. . .eddie fowkles, roni size? detroit should keep w/the techno and deephouse. . i dont know why they were there.

major highlight, though it was hella crowded, (felt like a concert) was dave clake's set in teh underground stage. . .absolutely flawless. . .if you can find/hear his set anywhere online (try the webcast). . DL it. . .perfect mixing. . . beautiful set. . .i danced like a maniac.

i didn't go to any afterparties :( partly b/c i was so worn from all teh daytime festivities and partly b/c i didn't want to chance losing my friend's id before richie's control party on monday. . .

THE HIGHLIGHT was most definitely richie hawtin's party at the city club. teh line was fuckign insane. we showed up a little after 9, and waited close to 3 and half hours! it was dumpy place like vinyl but this party belonged to richie fsho. all black (reminiscent of the old plastikman parties?), not an inch of light anywhere, blue and purple lighting, strobe, felt like a crazy underground cave. . .BLACK. oh! and tehre were straightup fireworks! yes, real fireworks. i compltelyl understand now why this party was called "control". he fucking OWNED the place, he owned us, everything belonged to richie. the jak system, lemme tell you, beats the fucking shit out of phazonwut? i was by a stack for part of the night, i felt naseous b/c the bass was living in my veins, vibrating my organs. . .gawd, it was crazy. . but then it felt like you were some damn puppet, belonging to richie of course, moving to the music involuntarily. . . him and ricardo villalobos had us all in some other palce, their world. . .complete insanity contolled by them. . .the darkest, hardest beats you've ever heard, the shit you'd hear after being killed by the baddest 909 line and then sent to techno hell. . .i look at this longass paragraph and realize words can't fucking explain, i was speechless. . all i could say afterwards, even now is WHATDAFUCK!?:D there's no denying either, EVERYONE felt that way, he had complete control of our poor unsuspecting souls, music like that, for real, is once in a life time.

new favorite party ever. yay.

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