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Oh my god, is it really true

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Officially i gave up..... I cant find no fuckin acid in this fuckin city. Month of everyday searches, and no luck whatsoever. Just bunch of assholes flapping their mouths about "having MAAAAD hookups".

*crashedfx looks around if anyone showing sympathy for his miseries*

Im just gonna go cry on my pillow, and say my nightly prayer...

"Heavenly contact, who deals in brooklyn

hallowed be thy substances

thy liquid drops come

they will be gone

on acid as its not on extasy

give me my weekly gel tabs.

forgive me my bad referrals

as i forgive those who sell fake extasy

and lead me not into E+K crash

but deliver me psychodellics.


Somebody kill me already..... :( :( :(:blown:

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