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Memorial Weekend Sex Fest.....

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by fantazy.

Started out kind of shitty, most of my friends were working, the ones that weren't went away for the weekend, so I was stuck around town with not much to do and not much hope for having fun. Well, my cousin is getting married this week, so last week he decided to have a bachelors party, with not many choices at hand I decided to attend this "extrodinary" event, I am not a big fan of strip clubs, it annoys me more than give me pleasure. Well there we are, five guys, about 4 bottles of vodka, and everything else that comes with it. Strip joint was all right I guess, girls were completely naked, we were completely drunk, a combination that doesn't mix, I don't get violent when I drink I get goofy, so I was engaging in these conversations with the girls, totally pointless convos. Closer to the end of the night when all the alcohol is gone, and the goofiness is just popping out, I slightly touch this chicks ass, not grab, just like playfully to say come here. yeah right.... she gave me a look like I offered to bookaki on her face right there, she found the first bouncer to kick me out. I get up and start to walk out myself, knowing whats going to happen next. Well this huge mother fucker, comes up to me, grabs me and starts to shove me in the direction of the exit, I can't stand when they do it, so I say to him, listen I know what I did, and I can walk myself, he doesn't stop, so I shove him back, and walk outside, he comes running outside and keeps shoving me, by that time I'm starting to get rude, keep your fucking hands off of me, than the cops come by, you know the one jerk off that stands there for the whole night, doesn't do shit, and looks important and he's like, buddy you gonna go to jail if you don't stop. Sometimes when I'm drunk I also have no fear, so I say to the cop, you'll be sucking my dick in a minute, and that's when all hell broke loos, I was cursing him and flipping fingers right in his face, and let me tell you it felt great, I had such a release of energy that I couldn't even achive through sex. Pretty soon my friends came out and we departet the shit whole with smiles on our faces, nobody was mad at me for getting them kicked out, it was kind of late anyway, I think they were closing in about 15 minutes or so... well, seeing all the nakedness got me horny, I admit, I get turned on by the naked female body. I must have called at least 15 girls that night, everybody was either sucking on somebody's dick already or away somewhere. except for this one girl, who was still partying in the city, and was just as lonely and as horny as I was. needless to say I was there in like 10 minutes, few more drinks, dancing, grinding and then zeee karrrr, it never seen so much action before, at that moment I think I was in love. So the first night of the weekend turned out pretty good.

The next day I went up to AC, and out of all the people it was my ex who was accompanying me. We broke up close to 3 years ago, but we occasionally hang out, we're on good terms with her. So it's me her, bunch of other people. I left them for about an hour or two. few of my firends are working in ac, that I haven't seen for a while, soi I chilled with them, had a few drinks, come back to find out that she won 200 bucks, which really made her day, went to eat, and later on hit Casbah, I ran into soooo many old friends, I couldn't believe it. it was like a reunion of some kind. Casbah wasn't too packed, not too empty, not too good, not too bad, it was absolutely average. I ended up staying in the hotel that night, too tired to drive back home. and another score, me and my ex, we get together once in a while to release some of the build ups that we might have. that night wasn't an exception. well these were the two highlights of my weekend, and I couldn't belive that I scored, I broke my two week no score streak. Damn it feels good to be a ganster... well, that was it, hope you enjoyed reading it as I enjoyed living it. over all rating 8 out of 10.

and there goes the morning...

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