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Revenge for Cheating women....

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I read a post about some guy who isn't sure what to do, as his girlfriend cheated on him w/ his best friend. That sucks, but life goes on. So, being in a pissed off mood today, I am sharing what $60,000 worth of University taught me (my last post):

You want some REAL advice bro? That was no mistake, and your so called friend is a punk, but NOT worth your time. I say this girl deserves a RODEO. Here is how it goes:

Invite her over, tell her you want to make up with her. Have 10-12 guys wait outside your room. Start to nail her (reminding her how well you bang her), doggy style. Then, yell RODEO at the top of your lungs. As your friends enter the room cheering and clapping, see how long you can hold on to her as the whore runs for the door. See if you can break 30 seconds!

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