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Last Night

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So, I had every intention of hitting up Pheonix Landing w/Katie, Danysh, Mike and whoever else went (or was going to go). Then around 8ish I realized the Celtics game was on at 9, and well... the Celtics in the East Coast finals only happens once every 10 years or so :tongue:

I ended up staying in and watching the game with my roomates and a friend of ours. Sorry for not calling you Katie, but someone had a hold of me ;):smoke:

Did you guys end up going?? Was it a good time or what??

Next week, Matt Murphys... oh yeah! :pint:

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wednesday night was a bust.. i knew as soon as jess said she was watching the celtics that the game would be the entertainment of choice for the night... i even watched some of it...(which I *never* do) and what do they do... LOSE.. bah humbug!

matt murphy's tuesday... game or no game...

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