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. . . sleeping....JUST SLEEPING!!!

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Does anyone get wierded out sharing a bed with someone? I'm not even talking after sex...what if two people, who are slightly attracted to each other, just walk into one of those situations when you have to share a bed ((ex. if you are going away with a number of people and bed space is limited))

I came across this over the past weekend, and I must say...maybe it's my old age...but I honestly would rather sleep on the floor than share a bed with someone I know very little of, but am slightly attracted to.

To me, sharing a bed, is something very intimate....:blank:

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Originally posted by marcid21

is everyone sleeping????????


For me, sharing a bed with a close friend who you're comfortable just cuddling with is really nice... but as you say, if it's someone you're even remotely attracted to, it can be very difficult, no matter how much distance you try to keep. All these scenarios run through my head and I keep wanting to make a move, but I don't because I know it's not appropriate for the situation, and in the end I just don't sleep very well -- kind of defeats the purpose.

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