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Guys Talkin Shit...

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Originally posted by pornokittie

how often do you all talk about your honeys & sex to other guys?? And how much do you exxagerate the details by???


not at all. when you´re with guys that have game there will be no discussion of "how big her tits were" or "was she shaved or not". each knows the other gets some, there is no need for bragging or telling stories of how me or him or that other guy fucked her and her and her.

i think it´s a thing between me and the girl, and that´s the way it should stay. also, if you have the reputation that you can keep your mouth shut many ladies will be much more receptive for your advances, as they do not have the fear of being called a "slut" because you gossip to everyone about how you fucked her. it´s an issue of respect.

another thing is, your actions and the way you behave around and interact with girls speaks much louder than any words you could possibly say. fuck it happened that i just small-talked with a girl about a club and after 5 minutes she tells me "i must be popular among the girls"

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