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Danny Howells live from Israel 5/16/02

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Here's the link to one hell of a set. www.audiogalaxy.com/list/...=293868409

if the link doesn't work type in Howells & Tel Aviv

00:00 Phil Drummond & Marks Brothers - The Dealer (Tribal Dub)

04:00 Chloe - Midnight Travels

06:30 Circus Night - Amazonia

12:42 ID (gal speaking espanol)

19:34 Daniel Mode - Musik Pressure

26:45 Pedro from Swingfield - War!

31:30 ID

36:00 Extramode - Beautiful Day

42:17 ID ("I love you baby, mmm i love you, ooh you taste so good")

47:40 Paranoid Jack - Dirty Fingernailz

54:08 Photon Inc. feat. Paula Brion - Generate Power (Brancaccio & Aisher rmx)

59:09 ID (sounds like Robbie Rivera)

65:07 Planet Funk - The Switch (unknown mix)

72:45 Fingerfest Inc. - Autoporno (unknown mix)

79:58 Mr C & Tom Parris - Sirens

86:38 Steve Porter - Nordica

93:05 ID

99:20 Tiga & Mateo Murphy - Night Train

105:50 Tomy or Zox - Music Makes Me Happy (Mainframe rmx)

112:28 Sidekick - Tricks

119:21 Xpress-2 - Supasong

126:56 ID

131:53 ID ("Seems like people aren't even listening, but they are...so you keep beating the drum...")

136:40 Dirty - Dirty (Kevin Saunderson rmx)

142:08 ID

149:42 Coffee Boys - The Touch

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