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slave to money...

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" U have the best penis ~ wanna hang out? "

dg: not sure...

"Ok now?"

dg: where?

"Dirty pierres"

dg: i really cant... i have to do shit for work, and im finishing up the comps...

"Come right now have a beer take me home eat me out & ill make u happy 2"

dg: im on the last machin now...

"im tan too, I got a parking pass 4 u,

Its nothing without u when u finishd with work? I want u


dg: so?

"U cummin ovr?"

dg:so,im prolly going to read barrons... and hit the hey.

"No no come get me its better than wacking off"

dg:ill give you a ride, but i cant stay.

"No no if u come here im sucking ur dick"

dg:that drunk?

"No i just heart u & ur penis"

dg:lol... im sorry... but im tremondously back logged... and i have to finish up all this crap...

"Ur loss ~ and i was gonna suck ur pierogi penis~ u suck"

dg:skinny lil nigga gotta eat... got kids to feed... got rents to pay...

"i love ur penis more then ur money"

dg:i dont have enough time...

"Aw u don't want ur fave pussy?"

"G'night 2morrow ur mine,Dont make me wait longer than i hafta! "

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Originally posted by dgmodel

<~~~idiot... i shouldve just went.. since im up at 2:30 finishing up all this shit anyway... grrrrr! what a dick.

It would have given you the boost you need, without all the caffeine :tongue:

Owell, remember this for next time:cool:

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want to hear something ironic... i stayed up late finishing up that shit for today ended around 4'sh am... and was going to stay up till 6 to get ready for work, and wound over sleeping 'till 1:00pm. im such a loser. so now im 2 for 3... nice. what else could go wrong today... lets wait and see.

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