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Anybody here a good cook?

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we should have a bakeoff or a cook-off.... like the IRON CHEF! lol for a meetup.

my specialities are:


linguine with clam sauce

tequila chicken

stir fry's

but i really dont cook that much anymore. i live by mself and its too much food for one person. (and my bf lol doesn't like to eat the same stuff that i like)

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Originally posted by gmccookny

I's a master at breakfasts

Whether it's mixing cereals, any type of egg dish, French Toast or pancakes, im da Chef :hat:

Mixing cereals are the best! I have been doing this for quite a while, and I was thinking the other day about this, there are some cereals out there that just mix really well together. Such as honey bunches of oats and cinnamon life. Or cinnamon toast crunch and either of those above cereals, and so on. But for now on I buy cereals in pairs so they won't be lonely....:laugh:

I am a great cook too or I have been told, some specialties:

Anything on the grill, vegs, steaks chicken etc...

Cookies and cakes, cheese cake and various types of cookies(mary jane cookies)...

Chocolates and candies, very hard to make but fun!

Jams and jellies

Assorted breakfast stuff, best omlettes!

I don't know exactley where I learned how to cook, but my mom and dad have always been excellent cooks.. I can remember as a kid when I mom would take a nap I would be in the kitchen cooking all these crazy concoctions(sp), not too good when I look back on it now, could have burned the f'in house down...

I have been saying lately if this accounting gig doesn't work out I can always go to cooking school!;)

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