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Oops... Did I BuMp into a Ghhhhhhhhhost?

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Originally posted by bigpoppanils

he's too busy massaging siceone

whaddadick:tongue: ok so what if i was seen helpin a sick friend with a massage big deal......i helped a lot of ppl that night an i wasn t in my right mind at the time...oO(just the way i like it....:tongue: ) thats no reason to give ppl who weren t there that night the wrong impression ......(can t take u ppl anywhere!!!:laugh: )


hey y dont u go get urself a massage u closet homo
great ...now im a "closet homo" stupid baka only u would say something like that go sniff ur rocks an STFU cracked out bitchass draper lova:laugh: :laugh:greensplode.gif

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