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coming to boston

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Hey Boston people:

Im coming to Boston next weekend (from NYC) Since Ill only be here for the weekend I'd like some suggestions on spots that I have to hit. So far Ive heard: Roxy, Pravda, Avalon...?

Also Ive noticed that everything closes around 2am. Anything for after hours? Thanks :):cool:

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I wouldn't bother with the Roxy that is my opinion and probably everyone else on here, with the exception of nyis4meatheads:laugh:

Next Fri at Avalon/Axis is Morillo and Lawerence definatly go there, Tdawg from here has a list for that. Afterhours on Friday, the only place is Rise which is members only, so you need a pass to get in. If you ask around afterwards you can most likely get one, or find one of us;)

Sat is up to you really Pravada is alright, I don't know who is spinning on Sat there now though.

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