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Attention All Djs!

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Final testing is completed for my Shoutcast Radio Station. This radio station plays tribal, deep and progressive and tech house as well as trance, progressive, and hard trance 24/7. Users can listen at multiple bit rates ie: 33.6 / 56K / 128 kbps.

Get Your mix in rotation now. You must have the ability to create mp3 files of you dj sets. All mp3 files must be one file encoded at 128 or 160 kbps. and atleast 1 hour long and no longer than 1 1/2 hours.

All dj mixes will have equal rotation and only one mix per dj will be in rotation. Mix rotations will change each week provided additional mixes are available.

The Radio Station is fully operational with 56k / 128 streams and is un-named as of yet.


You will recieve an email with information how do deliver your mp3 file and mix rotation information so you know which slot you're in.

You can preview the Radio Station here:

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Well ultimately it's easier to produce a consistant rotation or schedule. For the initial rotation I'll accept it. I'll be contacting you via email with information on how and when to deliver the mix and rotation information.

Thanks for you support and interest.

Peace Out.

Originally posted by djbeavis

i am just wondering how come it has to be over an hour, cause i got a mix i did, but its like only 40 min.????

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