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ATT: GMCCooK - aka Papa Smurf

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since your Mailbox is Full...i will answer the Pm you sent me here:

woah...r u serious...sorry to say it, but this girly have some issues...My advice is to move on....eventhough its so much easier said than done...your life is way to speacial to spend aching and feeling miserable. You live once...find someone that will make your everyday full of pure happiness.

I've been in 2 REALLY bad relationships...one for 4years and the other for 3 years...and I realized the hardest part about leaving someone is the habit or routine...a relationship is alomost like a drug addiction....when you end it you have to go thru some serious recovery...but in the end its TOTALLY worth it! :)

gmccookny wrote on 06-06-2002 10:28 PM:

Well, here it is, in black n white, Des...

Ok, here's the deal.

I've been with this girl , nik, on and off for 2 years now. She's not the most stable of people, and sometimes came out and told me she's not ready for a commitment.

But we keep coming back together, and mending things. She has told me how much she likes me, and we do get along great.

But just this past weekend, she acted like a Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde. She invited me over to take me out for dinner for my birthday. So Great!

We decided to kill some time at a park beforehand. When we got there, we noticed park rangers at the entrance. Not knowing how to respond, i told them i lived in Mamaroneck, the next town over. She showed them her id, and they let us through.

But as soon as we pulled away, she get so upset with me that i told that little lie to the park ranger. She said "i don't want to be here right now, let's just go to dinner"

Then, 3 seconds later, she said, "No, just take me home!'' After I drove all the way from long island up to Westchester.

I was speechless. Just for this little white lie, she got so upset.

So then, when i took her home, i said i wanted to talk, but she didn't want to, and threatened to call the police on me!

I am still in a state of shock. That very day we spoke for 2 hours on the phone and she said things seemed good btw. us.

But now, i am just so upset

I didn't lie to her. She made a mountain out of a mole-hill. She said not to expect a call from her, and that very day she said things seemed good btw. us.

But you know, i've always been the one chasing her. She used to say i wasn't much of a challenge to her, so maybe that led to my downfall. But most people are saying im better off without her.

What do you make of it all, nurse?

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