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omg, create a "coincidence" with your dream woman

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now this is psycho!

these guys observe (actually stalk) a women you choose, find out details about her and her life and tell you about it. then they create a "coincidence" (like getting stuck together in an elevator) where you meet her "by fate".


and they even take applications! it would be damn tempting... this is exactly the type of thing i would love to do

A mission is comprised of three phases, (I) Research, (II) Investigation, and (III) Execution. The implementation and completion of all three is required in order to stage a successful coincidence, but a mission may be terminated after Phase I or Phase II.

Phase I is usually completed within seven working days of the signing of the contract. Phase II may last as long as a month. Phase III usually involves a few weeks of preparation and 2-3 days of on-the-ground operation. Note that some waiting maybe required during Phase III for the right circumstances to come into place. All in all, a coincidence is usually staged in 2-3 months.

PHASE I: Research

Thorough background check. Identify subject. Vet subject for criminal records, excessive debt, physical diseases, psychological abnormalities, narcotics addiction or any other dependency. Kleptomaniacs, kitchen drinkers, Fatal Attraction type psychos, obsessive-compulsives, and other problem individuals are usually discovered in this phase. We also check her family history for incidences of cancer and other genetic problems.

Typical Cost: $8,000

PHASE II: Investigation

We compile a dossier of her interests and experiences. What does she like, what does she care about? What did she do last summer? What frightens her, what does she hate? What kind of women did she make friends with, and what kind of men did she date? How has she benefited from her attractiveness, and how has she suffered? By the time the dossier is completed, we will know more about her than she does herself. A team of up to a dozen investigators will conduct the investigation.

Typical Cost: $45,000

PHASE III: Execution

Based on the information in the dossier, we suggest a setting and a context. Should you meet her first at a party in California and then, coincidentally, three months later in a New York restaurant? What topics should be broached? How much data can we provide our client with, without arousing the subject's suspicions? The work in this phase, unlike Phases I and II, includes on-site operational management and client training (to ensure that you won't let the cat out of the bag by acting unnaturally).

Typical Cost: $25,000

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