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when is enough

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Okay..when is enough??? My best friend and family member is an addict. He has been for the past 2 years. I hardly recognize him. He thinks he has not changed, but he has! I have never seen anything like this before. He is moody, forgetful, mean, etc.... BUT he is so darn cordial to all his friends... what happened here?? He has lost all interest in everything. He thinks I am overreacting and at first I belived him.. I am 27 with a masters in education. I have been teaching for 4 years now. I went to college in Ohio and partied so I can understand this somehwat, but not like this!!! The thing that ticks me off the most is that he has gotten me to try crap I never would before..like x, acid, pot, otc pills.... I just wanted to be close again and I thought heck if I cannot beat him then I may as well join him.. well it always makes me feel like crap afterwards..not sure why??? Maybe because I like the drugs, maybe because I preach to kids to just say no...heck I do not know anymore.. I am finally moving to another state to get the flip away from him.. he is such a manipulator... I hate him!!! Why the hell did this happen to our relationship... I just needed to vent and I can not tell my other friends who have no clue about this part of my life......

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Misery loves company.

Every person with a drug problem will try to drag every friend they have down with them just to prove to themselves that they don't have a problem. (after all, all my friends are doing it too and they are all right)

It doesn't mean he dosent care about his friends, just that he needs your approval, and by partying with him, thats exactly what you are doing is giving him your approval.

Be a good friend and save your own ass and hope and pray he gets the message.

good luck and remember that one fucked up life is enough, but I hope it doesn't come to that.

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