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Mercy Fucks . . .


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Originally posted by marcid21

Are these as common as I think they are? Has anyone here given it up, solely because of the others persistance, or eagernees / need to have sex?

i'm sure guys in the past have given me "mercy" sex just to shut me up

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Originally posted by linabina

mercy fucks wouldnt happen to be similar to the game "mercy" would they? cuz otherwise i think that would be painful.... to fuck each other till the other cant stand the pain anymore.... :worry: :tongue:

LMAO!!!!!!! :laugh:

The visuals :eek: :eek:

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Originally posted by djmoonshine

seriously... end that shit newbie... you keep rollin your eyes around and not only will you get dizzy, but you'll miss everything in front of you....

no i want cause i would able to see everything in front on right left and up maybe even in the back

why is this conserns u so much


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Originally posted by djmoonshine

because eye rolling holds connotations of sarcasm and sometimes i didn't see the need to be sarcastic...

that is all. if you like the smiley, that is different... i just didn't understand... :)

........i just thought the anime looked cute and i was thinking of it more in the sence of someting more general then your intropurtation (yea, i know my spelling is some what off here :) ) of it like:

1.not knowing what to say/no need to say something so u would rolle your eyes something like looking over the room trying to come up with something to say

2.being some what not happy about something

3.being some what shy

4.being a bit sarcastic

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