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Does the site seem faster today?

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Hey all,

We know that the site has been having some slowdowns recently and have been working hard to correct them. We worked all night on upgrading the site to the latest software available and installed a PHP accelerator program.

So far it seems to be working better and we're keeping an eye on it. After all that work, the only next step we have would be to upgrade to a faster server with more memory. We'll see what happens by Friday (our busiest day).


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hey, DaVe, i'm feeling a little left out on the l.a. board, buddy :( ! why didn't you post this message on ours?

(weyes whimpers a little, mumbling in the corner about how DaVe likes dc and nyc better)

s'ok, i'll get over it. i'm used to the loneliness over there :blank: .

p.s. thanks always for your hard work!

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