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Damn, where r all the CP heads in Philly?


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Where r all you Philly CP heads??? :confused: I dunno maybe the Jersey and NYC board of CP heads have too much time on their hands. Where r all the clubbers in Philly? How is the club scene down in Philly? NJ & the NYC area is always jumping with clubbers. I know some Philly peeps head up to NYC every once in a while to hit up Vinyl for Tenaglia and other places in NYC and the Jersey shore in the summer. Damn I even know a guy that lives about 2 hours from NYC in PA and goes to Sound Factory for Jonathan Peters almost every weekend. Now thats dedication. This thread was not intended for any drama but to call out some people and spice up the philly board. Also to get a lil review on whats going on in other places besides where i like to play in NJ/NY. Hit me back people of Philly and let me know whassup?!?!? PEACE!!! :hat:

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yeah this board is uhm... dead most of the time. but anyways :tongue:

philly has some good venues, ie fluid, aqualounge, filos (yeah its small, but the vibe is right on), etc. i try to stay away from the bigger clubs nowadays (evolution, shampoo, transit) that seem to attract mostly the suburbanite trance-pop crowd. although the latter places do bring in some good talent from time to time, my first choice is usually never those spots.

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