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Denny @ Roxy Musically--

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took this from my general review so ya'll can see what he played--no surprises really..

Denny went on around 115..started with Rivera's Feel the Beat--i knew it was on from there...BUT

Tina Ann's performance interrupted his set which i didnt like...Performance was dope but i was hoping denny would go on after she was done so it wouldnt interrupt his flow...No need to worry...Bobby announced the stage is now open, and Denny dropped some re-edit or remix of the Soulshaker that sent the place ballistic-- and stage crew--you'll be happy to know we only got kicked off that 1 time for the performace

Denny was siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickkkk....acapellas all over the place...the man didnt stop working which I love to see....went on a "rivera tear" with Be Free, Laid, then the Superdrum with a deb cox acapella over it played Groove and Fire then the track of the night--

Safe From Harm--WOW

Sounds like a new remix but i thought it was his edit....really did a lot to the track and it sounded dope...not sure tho

other track of the night "late night booty calls, SHINY DISCO BALLS" I pretty much went nuts when this one dropped...

played the vocal of Hungry, a few more Rivera tracks, They say vision into Lamya--played "it just wont do" with those crazy horns....ahah by 5am I had to bounce....GREAT night by denny...Imma def start heading to tempts on sundays with regulatity...But def the thing that made the night awesome was PHAZON--

me and cody sat for a good period of the night just listening to the clarity of the phazon---the highs dont kill your ears so u can enjoy the song--yet the Bass rattles your chest every time...plus with all those SICK robbie rivera build ups, when the bass came back in....you had no choice but to dance or at pump your fist b/c the sound was so powerful--

Mike BuGouT

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He rippped apart Speed......that was one of the best tracks of the night IMO....>Denny may have a bad rep, but everytime I hear him I have a great time.

Best rmx was def. Superdrum w/Girl I'll House you synths and drums


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Originally posted by sfspikes2envy

Originally posted by skeemr4


what mix has he been playng?

the Robbie Rivera Tribal Sessions Mix

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