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What I wana Know is..

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Guest gabo
Originally posted by phatman


...i believe he's the one on the bottom...

10 to 1 spragga is jerking off to the pic right now!

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Originally posted by tastey

would someone care to explain why you are bashing him?

and please keep it rational, no "cause he´s a dick" please :)

Read his posts dating back to about a week ago....with several people on the board he layed out his :rolleyes: and unappreciated, and uneducated comments...

I'm not being territorial ((as Cintron said in the other thread, but not to me specifically)), as I stated before...simply introduce yourself before you waltz around the dungeons bashing...

...and a stronger defense wouldn't hurt....

PS...GERBEL, my statement above was harsh, I apologize.

PPS....Phatty...that pic is a GEM!


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