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attn Hotmail users

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Don't you luv MS!

Here's some interesting stuff I've found on what MS is doing with your info:

"M$: Hotmail Privacy Issues!

=>Posted by: Anonymous.

=>Monday, June 17 @ 22:41:01 CEST

Anonymous writes "Recently Microsoft & Hotmail have added 3 new user info sharing options under hotmail accounts. These checkboxes are checked by default without the user permission, so "by default" you are letting Microsoft use your private info for offering it to companies.

Too disable it, go under Options/Personal into hotmail account preferences."


"An alert reader of the site emailed this Warp2Search link to us about a behind-the-scenes change in Microsoft's Hotmail and Passport privacy settings. It appears that they have set up their servers so that by default, every time you sign in to your Passport account, whether it is for Hotmail or any other service that requires Passport, they will share your personal information with their partners. This includes your e-mail address and all other registration information, such as your date of birth, city, state, zip code and occupation. In order to stop them from automatically sharing your personal data, you must opt out by selecting Personal Profile under the Options menu and un-checking whatever boxes are checked."

This, of course, means even more spam for you unless you turn it off. ENJOY!


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You get what you pay for. Of course they have to make money somehow, so I actually don't mind. I just hardly ever use my hotmail ad I hve the filters set to the max. However if I ever have a problem uh "functioning" or if I happen to go bald for some reason then I know where I can find help!

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Originally posted by pgiddy

Of course they have to make money somehow

Yeah, Microsoft is hurting for cash. :tongue:

Actually, I agree with you, but they should tell the users of the service. When Yahoo did pretty much the same thing a few months ago, everyone was emailed and the news was posted at a bunch of news sites weeks before the change took place. They gave you a choice, while MS just did it and hoped you wouldn't find out.

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