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I dont know whats wrong with me...

The other nite i drank maybe two glasses of champagne, and wth my second glass i took one E pill... like an hour later i felt like vomiting big time and my head was spinning back and forth.

I kept comin in and out of blackness and all of my body parts started to hurt real bad. I smoked a few trees to mellow me out cos my heart was racing real fast. i kept having terrible headrushes where i blacked out for a couple minutes... i couldnt move at all...

that was saturday... i fell pretty fine now, but all week ive been having really bad headrushes where i get really dizzy and blackout for a second... but as the days go by there isnt as many

where did i go wrong? ive done E a few times before but never mixed it w/alcohol... i def wasnt drunk so what happened? n when are the headrushes gonna end?

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There's two possibilities why you're body reacted the way it did. Mixing alcohol and E intensifies and lengthen your roll. You may have just gone over the threshold of what your body can handle. The other possibility is you may have gotten DXM that was sold as E. I've known people who have taken DXM and felt side effects days after. If you are on any MAOI's, the drug interaction with DXM is very dangerous.

I suggest you take a few weeks off before you try taking anymore E. When you do, don't drink any alcohol with it. If you feel fine without the alcohol then that was probably the problem. Just be smart and use in moderation.

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