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What's a good reply-to-view ratio ?

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Originally posted by suthrnbelle

well, we are up to three and eleven now ;) lol...

311 is one of my favorite bands!!!

Your Transistor

Lightening resistor

conducting to the mother star

that's who we are


ps... 4 and 12 , which is 25% ;)

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Originally posted by glowgrlnyc

Well, since I viewed this Thread...I feel the need to reply...

i was thinking of trying to start a thread and see if we can achieve having the same amount of Views as Replies....

...You think thats possible?

I bet it would be a clubplanet 1st.

What an :idea: , glow!

Now we just have to make sure there won't be any peeping toms who just view it and not respond ;)

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