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Happy Birthday Zags!!!!!!!!!!

Guest jroo

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Guest jroo

HAPPY BDAY!!! since i cant sleep , i figured that i would be the first one to wish you a happy bday!!!!

eu now, party like its my birthday

drinking and still thirsty!!!!!!!!

see you on wednesday!


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Yea no smilies from me niether.... don't have the time to run around and check them all out right now.... but Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Pretty glad that minivan wasn't the french dude!!!

Oh, wait I've memorized these smilies......

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

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Originally posted by therunner

Happy Birthday!!

(smilies are gay, and so are those who use them)

You're gay. Everyone knows that overly homophobic military types are themselves in the closet flaming homo. They even have a military term for it. It's called Major Homo in the SCIF.

Happy B-day Zags! Hope that little chica you brought to Buzz gives you a b-day bj.gif

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Aww chucks!! Thanks guys!!! See a few of you guys on Weds. No lounging by the pool for me, I'm here at work like the rest of you. No comment on smiles being gay. :rolleyes: That would've sucked if the French Dude wiped out that minivan, he would have had lots of bills to pay. Thanks for the belly dance Elly, brings back memories :D. Shady, not a bad idea at all.

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