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disc 1

1. Symmetry 0.1 - Ashtrax

2. Adventures In Blue - Eastern Strategy

3. Encounter - James Niche

4. The Beach (Science Dept Mix) - Coco And Stonebridge

5. Hydraulix (Sleepfreaks Remix) - The Cybermen

6. Container No. 2 (Ian Wilkie's Virtual Dog Dub) - Animated

7. Mantra - Stalker

8. Dream To Me (Radio 7 Mix) - Radio 7

9. Triple Funk - Lemon 8

10. Pegassans - DJ Zanc

11. Definitely - Natsu

12. Stylus Trouble - Sputnik

13. You Only Hurt the One You Love (Futureshock Dub) - Emmie

14. Perspectives Part 2 (The Expansions remix) - Bill Hamel

15. Strings Ain't What they Used To Be - Astrofarm

disc 2:

1. A Present Eventuality - Silverlining

2. Micro Groove - Spacejunk

3. Lizard Flock (Dana Kelly Remix) - Jun W/ Phonon

4. Coffeshop People (Orlando Carece Coffee Dub) - Cows In Town

5. Niceta - Max 404

6. 20 Minutes Of Disco Glory (Simons Come Unity Mix) - DJ Garth Presents...

7. Kirei - Ogenki Clinic

8. me & Spoonice (Blue Effect Mix) - The Spoon Wizard

9. Breazin' Thru - Silverlining

10. Vanashing Point - Seconds Out

11. Casa Del regardo - Ctrl

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Originally posted by MadamMillie

the girl's a genius AND she's generous and pure of heart, unlike some others on this board (cough *shady* cough)

thanks chica!


You know that thread I started about how Korean girls rule? Well, you obviously are the exception. :D:tongue:

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