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A letter from the Tempts/XS Security to Saleen

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This was taken from another post, but I think most of you should know that even the people at XS and Tempts are not to fond of him. Just goes to show how much of a loser this kid is that he is still involved in Jersey Shore topics, when the Squid is in Florida. Do us all a favor and take a bad pill at Space, because God knows that you used to sell that stuff at Tempts.

Originally posted by bigmurray

Here's an Idea GO TO THE PLACE YOU LIKE!!!!! What ever place it is go there and have a good time.

This is fucking crazy we have some people on here that are job hunting in their own round about way, then we have some asshole thats telling us about his sources from 1200 milres away.

You know what Saleen your a fucking moron, the sun must be melting your brain.

My partner and I run Security at both Tempts and XS and I have friends at Merge. Every Club has been average all summer, nothing has been packed!!! Its been a very average start for everybody.

Plus, You think you have some kind of influence with the Management and owners of Tempts and XS, well guess what YOU DON"T YOU ARE A RAGING JERK_OFF THAT HAS MADE NO FRIENDS IN FLORIDA SO YOU SIT AT HOME ON YOUR COMPUTER AND WISH YOU HAD SOME PURPOSE.

I really wish you the worst in life and hope you catch a bad case of GENITAL WARTS!!!



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Guest saleen351
Originally posted by esco

Big Murray is for a fact the head of Security at Tempts and XS

FYI< big murray doesn't like me..... i called him an asshole and he wants to beat me up... you fucking idiot...

get a clue bro,

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Guest saleen351
Originally posted by BRIAN1500

Brian Murray is a great guy in my book. he does what he gets paid top do. Simply put.

tell him the saleen sez hello.... i'll be at temps in july.............

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