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Originally posted by glowgrlnyc

mine works....Drink 9 sips of water in a row...i guarantee it works... :D

That could work. Water seems to be the semi-cure for hiccups.

I also have a method that has ALWAYS worked, and after i told people, they looked at me like i was a healer ;)

drink one cup of water UPSIDE DOWN, tilting your head over, and sipping from your upper lip. drink the whole cup. that should work :updown:

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i've tried all of the things y'all have just said, and none has ever worked for me. the one that never fails for me is hanging upside down in a chair and singing "mary had a little lamb" three times. i did it once when i worked as a law librarian at a law office, and someone walked in on me. most embarassing...

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Originally posted by codica3

LOL.. I remember that line from MEET JOE BLACK.. I just watched it the other day, and they were talking about death and taxes.

caught the very end of it yeah he did say that didn t he......but know what bout the glue?!?!?!?!!:confused:
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