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Nicknames/Slang for people

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Nicknames/Slang for people

I have developed a few nicknames for people (guys and girls)

throughout my life. Some are mine own, some I took from other people....thought everyone could add their own 2 cents to the mix also.


guy or girl who always scams their way out of not paying their portion of the tab.

ie heads for the rest room when the check comes, or always seems to forget their

money...or they only brought "plastic" and there is no way you can split a 10 person check.


someone who blows smoke up your ass all the time.


girl who sucks all the money and emotions out of a man.

"ms pac man"

girl who is always running from men.


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i got some alright ones...it might kinda old though...

what do you call a girl with a phat a#$??

...a LOBSTER...


...because all the meat is in the tail...

what do you call someone with crooked teeth all over?

...he/she got SUMMER TEETH...


...because some are here, some are there...=)


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