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Car Bomb Attack Rocks Israel....AGAIN!Enough already!


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Car-Bomb Attack Rocks Israel

Once again Israel has been rocked by a bloody Palestinian bomb attack that has claimed many lives. The incident, not far from the West Bank town of Jenin, is the most serious of the past few weeks, even though there have been other attacks. In each of those cases, what followed was a limited re-occupation by Israeli forces of part of the Palestinian territories. Now, there are calls for a more dramatic response.

The militant Palestinian group Islamic Jihad said it was behind the car bombing of a bus in northern Israel during Wednesday morning's rush-hour traffic. At least 16 people died and dozens of others were injured in the blast at Megiddo junction, near the ruins of the biblican Armageddon, halfway between the port city of Haifa and the Palestinian West Bank town of Jenin.

In a statement Islamic Jihad stressed that the attack marked the 35th anniversary of the 1967 Middle East war in which Israel seized the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It said the suicide bombing was a message to the Jewish state that it will never have security while occupying Palestinian land.

The attack came amid US efforts to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians and was the most vicious for many weeks. Our Jerusalem correspondent Ferry Biedermann admits that the timing is significant, and says the suicide bombing is a heavy blow to the Israeli security forces and the government of prime minister Ariel Sharon.

"After a resurgence of attacks in the past ten days, the army seemed to have things under control again. The Israel Defense Forces carried out almost daily raids in areas supposed to be under the control of the Palestinian Authority. Mass arrests were reported from many towns, including Nablus. Israeli troops also went into Tulkarem and Hebron to search for people they hold responsible for these attacks and over the past week or so, the Israeli public felt these operations were working."

"They knew all along that they could not stop the attacks for 100 per cent. There have been security police and over the last couple of days we've seen a heightened police presence and tighter security checks. So, the security forces were well aware that these incursions were not a fail-safe mechanism to prevent these attacks."

Israeli Retribution

Wednesday's bombing has triggered fresh fears of a new cycle of violence, which would certainly undermine feelings of security among the Israeli public and prompt calls for a tougher approach, says Ferry Biedermnann.

"Many people realize that this is a fight that is very difficult, if not impossible to win, but there are hardline ministers in Israel's cabinet representing right-wing parties who want the government to re-occupy the whole of the West Bank permanently or at least for a longer period. The head of the Internal Security Agency has recommended such re-occupation until a fence or a buffer zone between Israel and the West bank has been established. But such calls have been heard before and until now the rest of the cabinet including Mr Sharon has resisted those ideas."

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Originally posted by gsp

There is one sure fire cure to all this sh*t. Nuke the entire middle east and turn it into a parking lot!

the same thing could be done in alabama too. less trailer park trash in the world perhaps?

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