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Rebuild or Memorialize...

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jeez......why.....why memorialize such a terrible event...i don't understand...spend the money on something more useful, ie. not on the dead, but on the living who are having problems? give it to shelters, to orphans, to landmine victims....what the fuck.....

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i think the best solution to this dilemna would be a combination of the two: rebuild and get back to business, reserving some of the ground for building development (which would, in turn, produce more jobs and keep with the motto "business must go on")


build some sort of memorial, just for the heroic and brave nature the firefighters displayed on that day. My good friend's dad is a firefighter in the city, and hearing him tell the story almost made me cry.

I think we need a dual-function regarding what to do at the World Trade Center: back to business, but remember the past.

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i cant understand peoples obsessions with memorials and shit. its like we need a new golden calf to worship. what we should do is rebuild and get back to our status quo, but it would be possible to have some sort of memorial there. i just think that the idea of the "footprint" of the wtc being a practical memorial is ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as that towers of light crap.

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