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Impeach Bush before America gets destroyed!


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Originally posted by gsp

Take your liberal attitude and "...." it! People like you that are screwing the world.

do the world a favor and don't reproduce...we don't need more white ignorant trash in this world...loser!:blown:

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Sassa: You said it all buddy! You have reveled your innate ability to just stick your head up your ass. You are the liberal Israeli scum that is screwing this world and for every one you scum that reproduces we are making a bullet.

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liberal israeli scum? wow big words. i love to see people get so angry because they are not intelligent enough to express themselves. "yeah fuck you you LIBERAL, fucking CAPITALIST, oh you fucking VEGETARIAN bastards fuck fuck" haha. why dont you present a valid argument as to why Bush shouldnt get impeached. i personally beleive he stole the presidency and he wouldnt have stayed in office for long if 9/11 never happened. hes a moron who failed at 13 businesses before running for president. and this is the man you want governing the strongest nation in the world. seems to me like you are a moron. but thats just my oppinion. and just to clarify things im not israeli nor do i like israel too much either.

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Originally posted by hosskp1

Bush impeached?

You liberals make me laugh.

I want to see the next thing you guys some up with.

why the fuck is it when someone criticizes this government, they're immediately called a liberal? i supposed being a conservative is better?

maybe if you had a clue what he's done in the past and what his real agenda was, you wouldn't be saying this. go to your nearest library and just read on his track record- how he handled being governor, how he ran companies, what he did and didn't do. he deserves little, if any respect.

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