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Anti-Depressant Question

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wellbutrin (or zyban same thing) is a little different then the SSRIs as it also blocks the reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine in addition to seritonin. Supposidely it is weaker against the reuptake of seritonin then conventional SSRIs. It will still deminish and effects of E as it still holes up the passageway for those little molecules to get in. If your on wellbutrin its for a reason, i say lay off the E. That said if your addiment about it the halflife of it is i *think* 14 hours (dont quote me on that) so if u stop taking it for like 3-4 days prior u should be good to go.

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If you are taking it for depresion you really shouldnt roll.

If its for ADD, back pain, or to stop smoking etc.... well....

That said, Raman pretty much summed it up. It is a weak SSRI and it mainly works on dopamine so it will lessen the effects of MDMA. The word on the street is that you will fell about 1/2 to 3/4 of the effects that you would feel if you were not taking it.

On the plus side, it is supposed to potentiate the effects of pot!

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Originally posted by Raman

If your on wellbutrin its for a reason, i say lay off the EB]

thanks for the info fellas. and i am on welbutrin for a reason, but it isn't depression...i'm using it to quit smoking. my insurance won't cover zyban, but will cover welbutrin, even though the active ingredient is the same for both (bupropion). those nazi bastards:blown:

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