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Positive Thread - Share Something Good Right Here


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Originally posted by gothzane

Im still breathing....oh wait thats whats depressing....

um....errr....I had pancakes!


Shit, I didn't even get to have any pancakes.

Something positive to add to the thread...





*damn i might as well have eaten some pills on sat considering how i feel today*

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Getting Positive feedback from Trading Firms, Almost done putting together a Presentation for one firm, im almost done writing my book (lil more to go, & just need some publisher hookups and to copyright it), have my health to an extent, and its a pretty nice day... Plus I have all you Clubplaneteers... what more could i ask for right?

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after a friday nite that started good and then some friggin club that made it shittier later making me swear off that club....

to loft parties, to partying hard all nite and then watching the sun rise on the roof sunday morning w/ a cold beer in my hand w/THE world cup final in 2 hours from then.... that would explain getting up at 530pm sunday......its all good.

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ive been able to conquer my self doubts and push myself full force into my future goals. ive grabbed this year by the balls and said "hey 2002, im in charge", then i robbed its mother. no but really i almost pulled straight a's last semester, went clubbing for free all year, and got an ill job. oh and i live in an ill crib with my hot gf who cooks. im here to spread the love baby!

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