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JP leaving SF Rumor????


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Peters becoming a resident at Space? HAHAHAHAHAH

RIIIIIGHT. I think there are better chances for all the members of this website winning their state lotteries on the same day.

Jonathan being a resident at Space Miami is like allowing the president of Liechtenstein becoming president of the United States:laugh:

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Guest saleen351

OK for you idiots A new space is being constructed from the ground up, its not a warehouse that is converted like the one we currently have.

Second we here in miami have a more vastly open ear to music, trust me, i moved here 3 months ago

I'm not postive of when new Space will open and all the details but let me tell you JP is not high on peoples list down here, with all the guests and things to do we don't give a fuck if he comes but if he did it would be great...

I don't think the guy needs the money to stay, so if he wants to throw his hat in ring some where else go for it!!!

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