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my friend's friend lol is trying to sell him a bottle of zoloft.

he was asking me about it but i had no answer.

i know zoloft is for people who are depressed, so does taking it make u feel happy and does it give u any kinda high?

sorry if its a dumb question but i really dont know.

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Zoloft will give you no high. For it to take effect you have to take it everday for 2-4 weeks, with some people not feeling full effects until 6 months. If his intention is to get "high" hes out of luck. Some people say taking an SSRI after rolling can help prevent neurological damage and the comedown but that isnt proven. For that use it may be worth picking up.

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i disagree.

i got put on it last year, after getting out of the scene.

instead of working my way up to 100mgs slowly, i figured it would be easier just to start at 100.

makes ya feel kinda like rolling.

but at the same time, it can really fuck ya up. if i didnt take it the same time daily, when i would screw up, i would black out. really badly. and do some weird stuff. my parents caugth me in our backyard, sitting under a tree, staring at teh ground. it can overload your system.

stay away from the idea it can be a fun drug...

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